Eco-Pan, your best option for concrete cleanup, disposal, and recycling, introduces Eco-Plate.

Eco-Plate™ is a necessary addition to those job sites where ground conditions require more support for Cranes and Concrete Boom Pumps. When job sites get muddy and soil conditions are bad or unknown, Eco-Plate provides a more distributed load to increase safety of set-up on your job.

Eco-Plate lock-n-lift

• Great for large or small construction companies and contractors.
• Provides safer support for large and small trucks.
• Available for rental and delivered to your job and picked up from your job.

Once an order has been placed, an Eco-Pan service truck will deliver the requested Plates to the desired job location.

For more information on Eco-Pan services, Eco-Plate, pan sizes (Large Pan, Small Pan, Elevator Pan™), or accessories, call (720) 735-5799.

“Eco-Pan is already servicing all my jobs, so if I need plates why wouldn’t I have Eco-Pan do it. It just makes sense.” – Shannon, Henderson Partners.

Eco-Plate Specifications:
• 4′ x 6′ x 1” thick
• Weight 1,000 lbs each
• Lifting hole at each edge
• Lock’N’Lift™ picking point in the middle

Eco-Plate concrete containment job site

Eco-Plate construction job site