Elevator Pans™ are great for washing out indoors or maneuvering in tight places.

Our patented Elevator Pan™ is a revolutionary new washout system capable of handling all of the same demands and requirements of our larger pans, but now confined in a smaller container capable of fitting within most standard service elevators and doorways.

Elevator Pans™ are great for high rise projects or multilevel units only accessible by service elevators.  They are also useful to prime out of when using Line Dragons or when access is limited due to tight corners or narrow corridors.  When paired with the Elevator Pan™ Dolly, moving the pan around enclosed spaces is a breeze.

1Cubic Yard

8-10 Mix Washouts*

3 Ton Load Capacity

200 Gallon Capacity

83″ x 41″ x 25″

630 lbs With Dolly

*Number of washouts may vary based on water consumption and number of chutes