City of Newnan Approves Eco-Pan

The City Engineer has reviewed the current rules, regulations, and guidance pertaining to the Best Management Practices (BMPs) for concrete washout.

For sites that require a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, approved BMPs must include both containment and recycling of concrete and washout water.  The BMP language can be found on pages 23-25 of each permit (GAR100001, GAR100002, and GAR100003), with an effective date of September 24, 2013.  Also, reference is made to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance document which further describes the approved concrete washout containment systems that meet the standard as set forth in the permit.

It is our option that the use of pits and hey bale containment systems lined with plastic as well as the use of typical washout bags do not meet the 100% recycling component of the guidance document, and in many cases do not meet the leak proof/waterproof requirement either, and therefore shall not be used as a primary method for concrete washout containment.  Those methods may be considered only as emergency containment when the primary BMP is not present or ready for use.

The Eco-Pan product was introduced to Newnan in late 2015, and, after several months of monitoring its use on multiple sites, including City managed projects, we have concluded this product, when property installed and maintained, meets both requirements for containment and recycling.

Eco-Pan is approved for use on any site in Newnan that requires concrete washout.  We have found the Eco-Pan staff to be familiar with NPDES regulations and compliance requirements surrounding the use of their product, and helpful in educating developers, builders, and contractors.

You can find the official letter listed below.